Diary Dates

1066 Archery Club Summer Fun Shoot - Sunday 26th June 2022

The club will be holding a fun shoot on Sunday 26th June. We welcome all members, whatever their experience or bow type they shoot.

Breakfast will be provided from 10:00am onwards (Hot bacon/sausage in rolls kindly prepared by Paula Hollyer.)

Official welcome to everyone at 10:30 am.

Sighters at d 10:45 am.

Everyone will shoot a Western round which consists of 8 dozen arrows in total. The distance you shoot is determined by which round you choose, and for our more junior members also their age. Details of the options are as follows: -

Choice of Western rounds – All rounds shot at a standard 122cm target face.

We propose to use the ‘pure’ scoring system so there will be no advantage for the compound bow archers (Under this system Recurve scores remain unchanged, but points are deducted from the Compound archer’s final scores, whilst points are added to both the Barebow and Longbow archer’s scores. The addition and deletion of points are directly linked to the type of bow and distance being shot.)

There will be prizes for the winners (categories yet to be decided). If anyone decides to turn up in green tights and a pointy hat a prize will be forthcoming!

Once shooting has concluded further refreshments will be available. (Burgers, once again prepared and presented by Paula, together with, cakes, biscuits and crisps etc.)

If you would like to take part please let me know so that we can cater accordingly.

Kind regards

Garry Morgan


1066 Archery Club will again be at Biddenden Tractor Fest from the 17th to 18th August 2019, where we will be running a Have-a-Go stand to test your Archery Skills.

Biddenden Tractorfest and Country Fair 2019 is an annual event now entering its 7th year. It’s run solely by teams of volunteers from all walks of life and occupations and who are all dedicated to making the event both fun and affordable for the whole family.

So while tractors (over 200 in 2018), remain central to attracting visitors, the essence of Tractorfest is the provision of a gentle summer day out in a Countryside Fair setting with nostalgic sights and sounds. Tractor rides, numerous arena displays like dog shows, falconry, working Cob horses, craft stalls, children’s entertainment, enticing local artisan food and drink and of course, fantastic live music are just some of the attractions.

2nd annual club day June 29th.

The 2nd annual club day will be held on Saturday June 29th. Last year we held this event in September, but we have decided to move it forward to June this year.

As with last year it is a friendly handicapped shoot. There will be a barbeque at lunchtime, and sausages and bacon will be available before the shoot.

This year you have a choice of rounds. Albion, Windsor or junior Windsor. These are all 9 dozen rounds. The format is 3 distances with 3 dozen at each distance.

Albion - 80,60 and 50 yards

Windsor -60,50 and 40 yards

Junior Windsor - 40,30 and 20 yards

We will shoot 6 dozen before lunch and 3 dozen after lunch. Sighters at 11 am.

Details will be emailed to all members or see notice and entry form in the clubhouse.

Entries by June 15th.

Article submitted by S.Skelding.