Diary Dates

Club Day - 8th September 2018

On Saturday September 8th 1066 Archery club is holding a club day for Members.

This will be a friendly competition with a barbeque. Food such as bacon rolls will be available before we shoot from about 10 am.

Sighters at 11am.

We will be shooting western rounds with junior westerns for the juniors.

This will be a handicapped shoot to even the playing field. This means that anybody of any ability with any type of bow can win. The poorer your archery skills the bigger leg up you will receive.

Western rounds are 4 dozen at 60 yards then 4 dozen at 50 yards. Junior westerns are 4 dozen at 40 yards then 4 dozen at 30 yards.

We will start at 11am, then have a barbeque at the halfway point which should be about 1pm. About 2pm we will Carry on shooting the other half of the round. We should probably finish about 4pm.

Biddenden Tractor Fest - 2018-18th to 19th August

1066 Archery are pleased to have been invited back to Biddenden Tractor Fest from the 18th to 19th August 2018, where we will be running a Have-a-Go stand to test your Archery Skills.

Biddenden Tractor Fest is back for its sixth year and this will be our third so we look forward to seeing you all as you spend time at this fantastic event.

1066 Archery members will be on hand to instruct you on the use of a recurve bow.