Congratulations Rachel Gornall.

On the 25th November Rachel entered the Worcester/Portsmouth combined event at Allington Castle Archers. She won the Gold Medal for the Worcester shoot in the morning, and also winning the Gold Medal for the Portsmouth shoot in the afternoon. This also gained her the Trophy for the Worcester/Portsmouth combined score Winner for the Lady Recurve category.

Also on the 2nd of November Rachel entered her final competition for 2018 at the Fox Archers Indoor Portsmouth Event. Once again she won the Gold Medal and triumphantly became the Fox Archers Open, Lady Recurve Champion.

It's been quite a year for Rachel's first year of Archery. Winning many events which included the ultimate accolade of Lady Champion of Kent for Outdoor Recurve. Her first Competition of 2019 is the Kent Indoor Championships in January. We wish you lots of luck and also for the rest of 2019.


Sunday 30th September

Congratulations to Geoff Chenery who took part in The Medieval Society Invitational Roving Marks Longbow Shoot at Chilham Castle to take the Society Gold Medal.

The Roving Marks shoot is something very different to the shoots we are more used to seeing. In days of old men were expected to learn longbow skills. They would shoot on their way to church on a Sunday, taking aim at targets specified along the way. The Roving Marks shoot stems from this early practice.

Archers shoot in a group and the target may be anywhere from 80 yards to 280 yards away. The archer may have to tackle shooting over trees and lakes and the terrain is selected to be challenging. No sight marks are allowed and the nearest arrows score highest. After shooting the target all archers move on from their location to shoot to the next.

More information on this fascinating type of shooting can be found here

08.09.2018 - Club Day Handicap Shoot

Saturday 8th September we held our inaugural club day. We shot handicap western rounds and had cooked breakfast and a barbeque lunch which included steak.

The day went very well with a good turnout. Altogether, 25 archers took part and there were several helpers too. The weather started brightly, then clouded over with a bit of a breeze but it was still a reasonable day for shooting.

A few new club records were set and some personal bests were achieved too. The handicap system proved interesting and brought some surprising results.

New member , Richard Davies (recurve) walked away with the winners trophy. Congratulations Richard. Compound shooter Garry Morgan came second and barebower Roger Thomas third.

The day was a success because everyone contributed somehow. Didier did a marvelous job of feeding us. Marion was an excellent field captain. Everyone else chipped in with setting up and taking down the targets. Tyding up, washing up etc. Thanks to Rachel for helping with the Scores.

Hope to see you all there next year.

Simon Skelding. Competition secretary.

You can view the results sheet by clicking HERE.

12.08.2018 - Shoot with Surrey Bowmen

United Bowmen of Philadelphia round (7x12 dozen @ 80 yards)

Club member and coach, Dave Ryan has recently taken part in a historic shoot.

A competition shot between the oldest American club, Philadelphia Bowmen est. 1828, and the UK's oldest, Surrey Bowmen est 1790, it was first shot on the 23rd June 1938. This round is the oldest standardised round that exists.

Dave did very well, achieving the highest longbow score. Well done Dave!

If you are interested and would like to read more about this unusual shoot head over to

05.08.2018 - CMFB Longbow Target Shoot

More success for another 1066 member.

Congratulations to Dave Ryan who took part in the CMFB Longbow Target Shoot at Saltwood Castle on 5th August. Not only did Dave secure 3rd place for the main competition. He also won the best shot from the tower, which looked like great fun judging by the pictures.

05.08.2018 - Kent County Championships

1066 had a good representation at this year's Kent County Championships.

Congratulations to Rachel Gornall, Paul Halls, Thomas Bedwell and Mark Gornall.

Rachel won the recurve category shooting a new P.B. and club record. This gained her the top position and title of The Lady Champion of Kent. Winning the Silver Salver, The S.C.A.S County Medal, and Gold Medal. Just to top it off she had her first 6 Gold end. Quite an amazing achievement as Rachel had only taken up archery last October.

Paul won Gold medal for the veterans compound, also setting a new P.B. and club record.

Thomas won Gold for the U12 recurve, also setting a new P.B. and club record.

Mark managed a new P.B. and club record with a solid showing amongst a strong field with some of Kent's best Archers, also only taken up archery last October.

21.07.2018 - The "Spend a penny fund"

A VERY BIG THANK YOU to all the Club members that have made a donation to the toilet fund, we have'nt reached our target but we have made an astounding start, in fact such a great start that we are now able to start work on the new facilities

We are building on a tight budget and continue to raise funds for these much needed facilities, every little helps.

24.06.2018 - The Sir Thomas Wyatt Open Tournament

Congratulations to two of our newest members Mark and Rachel Gornall, who entered The Sir Thomas Wyatt Open Tournament, UKRS and Rose Award Tournament at Allington Castle Archers. This was a Double York/Hereford event.

On the Saturday Rachel won the Gold medal and the Blue Rose award with a Bowman score, while Mark had a bad start due to a early bow malfunction managed to recover to finish 4th and win a White Rose award.

On the Sunday Rachel improved her scoring just missing out on a Master Bowman, but shooting a Bowman score to secure the classification for the year. This also earned Rachel the Gold Medal for the Sunday. Also crowning her Lady Champion Double Hereford over the two days. Mark had a much better start on the Sunday, also with a Bowman score and securing his Bowman classification for the year, won the Gold medal and a Black Rose award.

30.12.2017 - Clout shoot 2017

This was the first time the Club have ever held a Clout shoot and a first for most of the people taking part. It was a really enjoyable, fun event as everyone who took part will tell you and even the sunshine paid us a visit for part of the time. Wives, husband and partners were also invited, which made it a true social event, although for many of the would be spectators the log fire in the farmhouse was a greater attraction than watching their other halves shooting arrows.

The food and drink for all attendees was provided courtesy of Pam and Andrew Hind, which was not only first rate but extremely kind of them! Food always tastes better after some exercise in the fresh air as all 16 archers will testify, and with the spread available there was never any risk of people returning to the second half of the shoot feeling anything other than full to the brim. The Club now looks forward to the next social event this coming summer.

A very big thank you to Andrew and Pam for the food and venue and a big thank you to Simon for arranging and running the Clout shoot.

22.10.2017 - Sylvia Hogbin shoot

Well done to our archers, Pam, Andrew and Mark for winning a good haul of medals when they shot at the Sylvia Hogbin shoot.


One of our young archers Thomas wins the Supreme Archer Award at his first ever competition. Thomas started shooting just a couple of months ago which makes this achievement all the more impressive. Well done Thomas.

03.04.2017 - Retirement of Craigan and Ann Hyde-Barnett

On Saturday, 1st April, the members of the 1066 Archery Club honoured the retirement of Craigan and Ann Hyde-Barnet with the presentation of a glass bowl etched with the Club's logo plus the dates during which they managed the Club, some gift vouchers and a bouquet of flowers.

Between 1993 and 2016, Craigan had been the Chairman of the Club and his wife Ann had been the Treasurer. The Club has a tremendous debt of gratitude for their hard work and commitment over the years, which has provided the Club with a wonderful legacy upon which the current Committee and membership will continue to build.

The members wish Craigan and Ann all the very best for the future and we look forward to their regular visits back to the Club.


At this years AGM it was announced that Craigan and Anne have retired from the 1066 Archery Club.

The Club was initially founded in 1985 as the Hawkhurst Hundred Archery Club and renamed the 1066 Archery Club in 1999, by which time it had moved to Northiam. The final move to its present location in Tenterden taking place in 2008. The Club has been managed in its different guises by Craigan and Ann since 1993.

They have made a fantastic job of making a friendly and successfull archery Club over the years and will be missed by all the members.

We all send them our best wishes and hope to see them again soon.


1066 Archery are pleased to have been invited to Biddenden Tractor Fest from the 20th to 21st August 2016, where we will be running a Have-a-Go stand to test your Archery Skills.


A special thank you to the Lions Club again for their generous donation towards the new generator needed to power our facilities.


We are now running our own 252 award scheme.
This scheme is in use by many other Archery Clubs across Britain.
The 252 scheme is designed to help you practice your shooting at different distances and reward you for your achievements.
The rounds cover 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80 and 100 yards outdoors on a 122cm face.
Score sheets and rules can be found in the clubhouse.


We are pleased to announce that 1066 Archery are now part of Kent Archery Association (KAA), we would like to thank Craigan and Didier for their efforts in arranging the move from Sussex to Kent and a very big thank you to Mark and Tony from KAA for all thier assistance in helping us achieve such a smooth transistion.